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pm2 can also be used programmatically, meaning that you can embed a process manager directly in your code, spawn processes, keep them alive even if the main script is exited.

Simple example

This example shows you how to start app.js with some configuration attributes. Elements passed to start are the same than those you can declare in an ecosystem file:

npm install pm2 --save
const pm2 = require('pm2')

pm2.connect(function(err) {
  if (err) {

    script: 'app.js',
  }, (err, apps) => {
    if (err) { throw err }

If your script does not exit by itself, make sure you call pm2.disconnect().

Programmatic API

pm2.connect(errback) or pm2.connect(noDaemonMode, errback)

  • noDaemonMode - (Default: false) If true is passed for the first argument, pm2 will not be run as a daemon and will die when the related script exits. If pm2 is already running, your script will link to the existing daemon but will die once your process exits.
  • errback(error) - Called when finished connecting to or launching the pm2 daemon process.

Either connects to a running pm2 daemon (“God”) or launches and daemonizes one. Once launched, the pm2 process will keep running after the script exits.


Disconnects from the pm2 daemon.


Kills the pm2 daemon (same as pm2 kill). Note that when the daemon is killed, all its processes are also killed. Also note that you still have to explicitly disconnect from the daemon even after you kill it.

pm2.start(options, errback) pm2.start(jsonConfigFile, errback) pm2.start(script, errback) pm2.start(script, options, errback) pm2.start(script, jsonConfigFile, errback)

  • script - The path of the script to run.
  • jsonConfigFile - The path to a JSON file that can contain the same options as the options parameter.
  • errback(err,proc) - An errback called when the script has been started. The proc parameter will be a pm2 process object.
  • options - An object with the following options:

pm2.stop(process, errback) pm2.restart(process, errback) pm2.delete(process, errback) pm2.reload(process, errback)

  • process - Can either be the name as given in the pm2.start options, a process id, or the string “all” to indicate that all scripts should be restarted.
  • errback(err, proc)


  • errback(err, processDescriptionList) - The processDescriptionList parameter will contain a list of processDescription objects as defined under pm2.describe.


  • errback(err, processDescription)
  • processDescription - An object with information about the process. Contains the properties:
    • name - The name given in the original start command.
    • pid - The pid of the process.
    • pm_id - The pid for the pm2 God daemon process.
    • monit - An object containing:
      • memory - The number of bytes the process is using.
      • cpu - The percent of CPU being used by the process at the moment.
    • pm2_env - The list of path variables in the process’s environment. These variables include:
      • pm_cwd - The working directory of the process.
      • pm_out_log_path - The stdout log file path.
      • pm_err_log_path - The stderr log file path.
      • exec_interpreter - The interpreter used.
      • pm_uptime - The uptime of the process.
      • unstable_restarts - The number of unstable restarts the process has been through.
      • restart_time
      • status - “online”, “stopping”, “stopped”, “launching”, “errored”, or “one-launch-status”
      • instances - The number of running instances.
      • pm_exec_path - The path of the script being run in this process.


  • errback(err, result)

pm2.startup(platform, errback)

  • errback(err, result)

pm2.flush(process, errback)

  • errback(err, result)

pm2.reloadLogs(errback) - Rotates the log files. The new log file will have a higher number in it (the default format being ${}-${out|err}-${number}.log).

  • errback(err, result)

pm2.launchBus(errback) - Opens a message bus.

  • errback(err, bus) - The bus will be an Axon Sub Emitter object used to listen to and send events.

pm2.sendSignalToProcessName(signal, process, errback)

  • errback(err, result)

Send message to processes

// pm2-call.js:
pm2.connect(() => {
    type: 'process:msg',
    data: {
      some: 'data',
      hello: true
    id: 0,
    topic: 'some topic'
  }, (err, res) => {

pm2.launchBus((err, bus) => {
  bus.on('process:msg', (packet) => {
// pm2-app.js:
process.on('message', (packet) => {
    type: 'process:msg',
    data: {
     success: true