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Your dashboard already comes with a lot of metrics without any configuration. But don’t worry, you also can add predefined set of metrics or - even better - to create custom ones.

PM2 comes with the @pm2/io module, which is a module that gathers the metrics displayed in pm2 monit or in the web dashboard. By default, it just wraps your app. If you however want to refine the configuration, add custom metrics or custom actions, you must require it in your code.


With npm:

npm install @pm2/io --save

With yarn:

yarn add @pm2/io


Load and initialize @pm2/io at the top level of your application, before any other require.

const io = require('@pm2/io')

  metrics: {
    network: {
      ports: true

This first basic initialisation will add to the dashboard the port number your app is listening to.

See all intialisation options in the @pm2/io reference.

Next Steps

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