Keymetrics Team

We believe in Node.js as a highly efficient technology that will replace old sequential languages to write APIs of tomorrow. APIs are everywhere. APIs must support high load. APIs must be simple. APIs must be asynchronous.

Node.js is the answer to this need.

Twitter: @strzel_a

Github: Unitech

Technologist and Entrepreneur behind the famous Open Source Process Manager PM2, I've founded Keymetrics I/O as a way of making Node.js applications more reliable and predictable.

Alexandre Strzelewicz

Founder & CEO

Twitter: victormatei1

Linkedin: Victor Matei

Driven by curiosity, I've studied finance & design, lived in Brazil for two years and launched a small Burn festival in France. After a year building community and communication partnership at BlaBlaCar, I joined Keymetrics as COO to structure the rocketing growth of a young startup.

Victor Matei


Github: f-hj

Very curious, I’m interested by new technologies since I was young. I began by dissassembling and reassembling all that was around me. Later, I started to tweak electronics and computers. Since then, I love to mix hardware and software.

Florian Hermouet-Joscht

R&D Engineer

Github: ItsJimi

Twitter: Its_me_Jimi

I love discovering new stuff, be it food flavors or programming languages. Also a big fan of skateboard and soccer, what's better than doing some "arounds the world" or tricks between programming sessions?

Jimi Maïquez

Fullstack Developer

Sensitive to design since my young age, I've always been interested in drawing and illustration. After going to an art school I naturally went towards the interwebs, where I can hone my skills and fulfill my love for creation.

Baptiste Perruchione

UI Designer

Github: Eywek

Ex-crazy PHP developer, I love develop things from scratch and watch them scale. I’ve learned by myself at first, I’m now a 42born2code's student. Learn new things about tech is a passion, travel too.

Valentin Touffet

Backend intern developer

Github: vmarchaud

Grumpy developer, I enjoy coding when it becomes challenging, especially tackling scalability and performances problems. Keymetrics aims to fix these issues for developers so it's where I want to help.

Valentin Marchaud

Head of Engineering

Found of Science, Maths, and geeky stuff

Gaëlle Candel

Machine Learning Research Engineer

Github: BenoitZugmeyer

Twitter: _alk

Benoît Zugmeyer

Frontend Developer

Linkedin: Mohamed Matsa

With both a technical and commercial background, I like to make the complex simple. As Head of Sales, my goal is to reduce friction for our users. I love this exciting Node.js ecosystem of which Keymetrics is a part. My dream workplace? Next to the ocean, for afterwork surfing sessions.

Mohamed Matsa

Head of Sales and Partnership

Linkedin: Rokaya Afailal

Currently studying Digital Business, working @Keymetrics allows me to mix my passion for technology, softwares and engineering and my Business&Management background.

Rokaya Afailal

Business Developper

Organization is my credo. Being Office Manager means to be multi-tasking (accounting, finance, HR, office management) and I love it. For me, well-being at work is one of the keys to the company's prosperity. Bonus: I make pastries

Lucie Pham

Office Manager

Github: onydra

Twitter: nayrrod

Nurtured by delightful imagery, I feed on obscure music as I type my way on the path to mastering the dark arts of Frontend Engineering. In essence, I dress in black but I code in colors.

Dorian Conq

Lead Frontend Dev

Youtube: Digital Wink

Twitter: choubam_

Sold my first website at 15 and since then worked as a freelancer before joining Mailjet as Developer evangelist. Now in charge of Dev Growth @ Keymetrics. I also make youtube videos on tech popularization each week, make sure you check it out and subscribe!

Shubham Sharma

Head of Growth

Github: wallet77

Fullstack JS developer for a while, NodeJS addict, performance evangelist and more. Geek but also a big fan of history and travels. Half of my brain is focused on technology, the other half is already lost

Vincent Vallet

PM2 developer