The Most Advanced Production Process Manager for Node.js

# Install pm2 globally using NPM or Yarn $ npm install -g pm2 # Start your application $ pm2 start app.js # That's it, your app is ready for production

Harden your Node.js application in a matter of seconds

Using PM2 is straightforward, install it via Yarn or NPM, start your application and get in full control


We carefully crafted a documentation that you can consider like the reference for any PM2 questions.

Guides, Integrations, best practices and much more.


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Learn about the latest stories on the different product of PM2, the Node.js ecosystem and also some tutorials specific to some industries

From Keymetrics to PM2 +

Keymetrics is the new PM2 Plus. Here is the story about the "why?". Here we are more than 5 years after the first commit on the PM2 open source project. Which is now de facto process manager for Node.js

Install Node.js with NVM

In order to use PM2 you need to install Node.js. NVM (Node Version Manager) is a great tool that enables the user to switch beetween differents versions of Node.js. We will tell you how to install, use it and take advantage of all its features.

JSON Micro-Service configuration with PM2

Ecosystem files are PM2 configuration files that helps you summarize and optimize your deployment and app handling. The ecosystem.config.js will allow you to declare your applications/services and also the different hosts you want to deploy code into.

Node.js clustering made easy with PM2

As you would probably know, Node.js, runs in a single-threaded way, therefore, doesn't take advantage of multi-core systems capabilities. Luckily enough, Node.js offers the cluster module, which basically will spawn some workers which can all share any TCP connection.

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