From Development, Production to Scale

Master Node.js with the complete PM2 toolset

Production Process Management
  • Node.js Smart Clustering
  • Zero Downtime Reloads
  • Log Management
  • Terminal Based Local Monitoring
  • Process Management
  • Easy SSH Deployment
Basic NodeJS Monitoring
  • Up to 24 processes
  • 14 days data retention
  • 48h Ticket Support
  • Cloud Shared
  • Cross Server Dashboard
  • Metrics Histograms
  • Realtime logs
  • Exception Tracking
  • Deployment reporting
  • Email & Slack notifications
  • Custom Metrics Monitoring
  • Custom Actions Center
logo pm2 enterprise
Make your company more Agile with Node.js with our Softwares, Audits and Trainings.
  • Up to 2048 monitored processes
  • Up to 1 year data retention
  • 24h Dedicated Email Support
  • Cloud Shared or On-Premise
  • All PM2 Plus features
  • star icon Log Storage
  • star icon Alerting System
  • star icon Custom Dashboards
  • star icon CPU / Memory Profiling
  • star icon Webchecks
  • star icon Distributed Tracing
  • NodeJS Consulting / Training
  • PM2 Commercial License

Frequently asked questions

What is a process?

A 'process' represents a system process, put simply each entry in PM2 Runtime list is a process. It can be a worker in a cluster, a app in fork mode or a module.

If the pricing changes, will I have to pay the difference?

No. While we reserve the right to change the pricing, you will always be charged the same price agreed upfront.

Is there a free plan?

PM2 Plus doesn't offer any free plan. However PM2 Runtime itself remains free as it's open source.

Is there any trial?

It's possible to do a trial, you need to contact our sales team via this form

Can I cancel any time?

Yes. After you cancel your subscription, you'll finish the current month then your access will be disabled (can be re-enabled later of course)

What happens if i cross the limit of my plan ?

If you exceed the number of processes, our system will automatically ignore the exceeding processes (ramdonly choosen).

Can I pay yearly?

Yes, it also gives you a 20% discount on your subscription. Note that this only refer to PM2 Plus subscription.