Bringing your Monitoring stack at an Enterprise Level

Main features

Because knowledge is power, we give you the deepest insights and the best practices to help you become the most competitive actor in your area.

Platform before Product

There are a lot of monitoring stack out there, you may already have choose some tools and don't want to switch everything to PM2 Enterprise.

We developed the whole product thinking like a platform so importing or exporting data can be really straightforward, just ask our sales team.

We already built a importer and exporter for Prometheus, which is now available in PM2 Enterprise.

Easy installation


PM2 Enterprise allow to get a lot of insight about the runtime of your application but it take some knowledge to fully understand them, we provide this knowledge to your developers to better use our product.

You may also want some training on how to correctly monitor your application, which metrics to add or even how to build your architecture around your apps, we can help you that with NodeJS expert consulting.


Our team is always here in case of problem

We provide by default 24h email support (business days) to our enterprise customers, want something different ?

You can ask our sales team that will explain you all the details.


Want to get in touch with our sales representatives ?

Tell us about your project at or fill our pre-qualification form for a faster process.

Our Clients

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