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Ecosystem file reference

Entry name | Description | Type | Default —|—|—|—|—| script|Script path.|string,| name|Set a custom name in the process list.|string,| cwd|The working directory to start the process with.|string,| args|Arguments to pass to the script.|array or string| exec_interpreter|Interpreter absolute path.|string,| node_args|Arguments to call the interpreter with|Array or String| out_file|The path to a file to append stdout output to. Can be the same file as error.|string,| error_file|The path to a file to append stderr output to. Can be the same file as output.|string,| log_file|Combined output and error.|| disable_logs|Disable logs.|boolean,| log_type|Set to json to enable json logs.|string,| log_date_format|The display format for log timestamps (eg YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm Z). The format is from moment.js|string,| env|env variables that will be injected in your app.|object or string| env_|env variables that will be injected in your app when started with --env .|Object or String| max_memory_restart|Restart the app if amount of memory specified is exceeded. Uses human-friendly format: 'K' for kilobytes, 'M' for megabytes, 'G' for gigabytes', etc. Eg 150M.|String or Number| pid_file|File where the pid of the started process is written by pm2.|string,| restart_delay|Time in ms to wait before restarting a crashing app.|number| source_map_support|Enable or disable the source map support|boolean,| disable_source_map_support||boolean| wait_ready|Instead of reload waiting for listen event, wait for process.send('ready')|boolean,| instances|Number of app instances to be started with cluster exec_mode.|number,| kill_timeout|Time in ms before sending the final SIGKILL signal.|number,| listen_timeout|Time in ms before forcing a reload if app is still not listening.|number,| cron_restart|a cron pattern to restart your app. Application must be running for cron feature to work|string,| merge_logs|If true, merges the log files for all instances of `script` into one stderr log and one stdout log. Only applies in 'cluster' mode. For example, if you have 4 instances of 'test.js' started via pm2, normally you would have 4 stdout log files and 4 stderr log files, but with this option set to true you would only have one stdout file and one stderr file.|boolean,| vizion|if false, PM2 will start without vizion features (versioning control metadatas)|boolean,| autorestart|If false, pm2 will *not* attempt to restart it following successful completion or process failure.|boolean,| watch|Enable watch & restart.|boolean or array or string| ignore_watch|List of regex to ignore some files or folder in watch mode.|array or string| watch_options|Object that will be used as an options with chokidar. Refer to chokidar documentation for the definition.|object,| min_uptime|Minimum uptime of the app to be considered started.|number or string| max_restarts|The maximum times a script is restarted when it exits in less than min_uptime.|number,| exec_mode|Must be set to cluster to enable the load-balancer.|string,| write||boolean| force|By default, pm2 will only start a script if that script isn't already running (a script is a path to an application, not the name of an application already running). If force is set to true, pm2 will start a new instance of that script.|boolean,| append_env_to_name||boolean| post_update|a list of commands which will be executed after you perform a Pull/Upgrade operation from Keymetrics dashboard|array,| trace|Enable the transaction tracing.|boolean| disable_trace|Enable the transaction tracing.|boolean| increment_var|Add environnement variable to be incremented for each application started|string,| instance_var|Rename the NODE_APP_INSTANCE environement variable|string,| pmx|Does not inject apm.|boolean,| automation|See --no-automation flag|boolean,| treekill|See --no-treekill flag |boolean,| port||number| uid|Set user id|| gid|Set group id||

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