Quick Start

In seconds, this Quick Start tutorial will show you how to start monitoring your Node.js application with PM2 Plus.

We will assume that your app is already started or wrapped by PM2. If not, follow the PM2 Quick Start tutorial.

Create an account

Register here.

Connect your server to the dashboard

Connect your server to your dashboard and start collecting metrics with:

pm2 link <secret> <public>

Or, if you don’t have access to the CLI, add PM2_PUBLIC_KEY and PM2_SECRET_KEY environment variables set with your public and private keys.

Use the Link an app help on the top left of your dashboard

Install CPU/Memory snapshot


You must have g++ installed:

On Linux, enter sudo apt-get install build-essential.

On Mac, enter g++ in terminal and then follow the instructions.

CPU/Memory profiler

Use the PM2 installer:

pm2 install profiler

Then reload your application to enable the profiler:

pm2 reload all

You are done

Go back to the dashboard, you will have access to realtime metrics of your app.

dashboard view

Next Steps