Battle Hardened Node.js Web Applications

With PM2 solutions, Deliver Qualitative Applications, Deploy More Often Confidently and Keep An Eagle View of what is Going on.

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Our solutions

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PM2 Runtime makes application runs 24/7 on your servers while increasing performance and maintainability.

PM2 Plus is a Web based, Realtime Monitoring dashboard that gives you an eagle view across servers with Performance and Stability Metrics.

PM2 Enterprise is our top-notch solution that provides everything needed to critical application from APM, Logs, Production Profiling and much more.

Product Features

PM2 Runtime
Increase Performance

PM2 runtime will keep your Node.js application alive and will scale it to all your compute unit, increasing performance and reliability.

PM2 Plus
Get an Eagle View

With PM2 Plus get to know how your application behave, understand why it fails and how to make it more efficient.

PM2 Plus
Track Errors before the User

Our automatic Error tracking system has helped thousand of businesses track down bugs within their web app.

Pm2 enterprise
Detect Unexpected Behavior

The Alerting System is a configurable and complete solution that can notify you when something starts to fail and even take CPU profiling and Snapshots for further inspection.

With PM2 Harden your Node.js Workload and be Ready to Scale

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